RIKA ARAI - designs Los Angeles
   Rika Levy is the sole designer and owner for RIKA ARAI Desings Los Angeles. She has a degree in fashion design from the famed Bunka Women's University in Tokyo, Japan. Soon after graduation, Rika moved to Los Angeles to attend  the  Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to further expand her designing skills.
   Rika has always been inspired by fabrics, colors and trims from all over the world. She designs silhouettes that are sophisticated and easy to wear. Rika is also known for being a forward thinking designer. Her modern clothes and hats, created years ago, recently sparked a worldwide trend.
   Rika is always moving forward and her new collections are selling internationally.

RIKA ARAI Desings Los Angelesのデザイナー兼代表のRika Levyは文化女子大学(現:文化学園大学)服装学部を卒業後、アメリカはロサンゼルスにあるファッション系の学校FIDMにて、更なるデザインスキルを学ぶ。

現在はフリーのデザイナーとして働く傍ら、自身のブランドRIKA ARAI Desings Los Angelesを立ち上げ、お客様に洗練された最新のファッションを提供している。

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